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Over 553 million Facebook accounts from 106 countries were hacked in 2021 according to a report by Business Insider and other organization that engage in business survey. Out of the above number, the hackers shared personal data of over 500 million hacked accounts on Low Level Hacking Forums.

Some of the data hacked from the Facebook users include Facebook IDs, phone numbers, email addresses, password reset codes, full names, locations and bios. 

On September, 2015, Cambridge Analytica reportedly scraped data from over 80 million Facebook users for target ads against 2016 US election voters. This action is against Facebook Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Despite this violation, Facebook did not take any action against the organization.

A Facebook agent, however, claimed that most of the hacked data shared on Low Level Hacking Forums were recovered. Unfortunately, most  Facebook users do not even know that their account information had been compromised.

The number of social media users had increased over the years, and the number of cyber crimes and hacks is projected to keep increasing.

Why do hackers go after Facebook Accounts?

  • Impersonation: Hackers can use hacked account to impersonate the account owner for fraud, scams and other cyber crimes.

  • Blackmail: Hackers can go after your account to have access to information that can be used against you as a blackmail. It can be an act from a political opponent, an exfriend or someone who is task to destroy your reputation.

  • Account sellers: Some account hijackers can lock you out and sell your account to others who wish to use it for certain reasons, mostly illegal activities.

  • Dark Web Deals: Data from hacked accounts can be sold on dark web for several purposes. This can allow criminals, even assassins, easy access to your location and full identity information.

Below are the best ways to secure your Facebook account from hackers

1. Switch-on Two-Factor (2FA) Authentication

Facebook provide users with different app functions to protect their account from hackers. One of those strong security services is the Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).

Two-Factor identifications ensures that you use your password and another authentication factor to log into Facebook. This means that one can no longer login your account, with a new device, using just password.

The second authentication factor, after your usual password, can be an a one-time passcode (OTP) sent to your Facebook Associated Mobile Number or any other option.

Here are the steps to activate Facebook Two-Factor Authentication to protect your account.

1. Login to your Facebook Account.

2. Click on the Menu icon by the top right corner of your profile. On phone, it is a three-line hamburger but on desktop, it looks like a down arrow head.

3. Go to Settings and Privacy.


4. Under settings and privacy, select Settings. Here an Account menu would appear with description, "Update your account info to keep your account secure".

5. Select Password and Security.

6. Choose Two-Factor Authentication.


7. Click use text message (SMS)

8. Click on add phone number

9. Add your phone number and follow the remaining process to finish it.

Choose any of the Authentication Factor which include receiving a one-time code through SMS or using the recovery code. You can choose more than one option.

2. Activate Facebook Protect

Facebook protect is a new security feature launched recently by Facebook. The feature gives more strict rules to your account. It makes every security feature stricter and any slight attempt ensures that your account is disabled until you follow proper login procedure that would be communicated through warning messages.

The feature also ensures that new devices do not access your account without your permission.

How to Activate Facebook Protect

1. On your Facebook profile, Select Menu icon (by the top right corner of your profile). On phone, it is a three-line hamburger but on desktop, it look a down arrow head.

3. Go to Settings and Privacy.

4. Select Settings. (Here an Account menu would appear with description, "Update your account info to keep your account secure").

5. Select Password and Security.

6. Under Password and Security, select Facebook protect and turn it on.

3. Apply Facebook Extra Security

Facebook offers extra security services to its users. These services ensure additional security to accounts. The facebook extra security services include regular email and SMS alerts, trusted friends, security keys etc.

How to apply Facebook extra security?

1. Follow the steps in the two factors authentication (2FA) as stated above but do not select 2FA, instead, scroll down to Facebook Extra Security.

2. Select and turn on any of the security methods below.
Facebook will direct you on how to follow through.

i. Alerts about unrecognized logins:

Facebook sends email messages and optional SMS to warn account owners whenever there is a suspected login or any suspicious activity on the account. Turn on the alert for notification whenever hackers attempt to login your account.

ii. Add Trusted Friends:

Facebook allows users to add 3 to 5 trusted friends that can be contacted for account recovery. These friends must be active Facebook users.

Once Facebook suspects malicious activity in your account like multiple wrong passwords, your account would be temporary locked. You can access your account once you use any of the processes above.

The process is very important because you can be logout by Facebook if there is any suspicion on your account. The simplest way to recover your account is through trusted friends.

4. Use Strong and Unique Password

A strong and complex password is the way forward to securing your Facebook account. Do not use your name or date of birth or simple words to create your Facebook Password.

Use on strong password when setting up security information for your device or online platforms like Facebook. You can include a mix of capital letters and symbols in your password.

5. Be Security Conscious:

1. Do not click on any suspicious links or unrealistic promos. Hackers use fake promos to convince you into clicking on an infected link. Through the link they can access your data.

2. Do not exchange your Facebook passwords with people including friends and family members. Your Facebook information may leak through them.

The above processes are best ways to secure your Facebook account from security threats and hackers. Try it and you will never have to lose those Facebook friends and followers you have built for years.

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