Terrorists in Nigeria Kill Lieutenant, Abduct a Captain and 13 Soldiers in Abuja, Nigeria's Capital


Terrorists in Nigeria have abducted a military captain and 13 other soldiers in the Nigerian capital, Abuja.

In another report made available through the Nigerian activist, Deji Adeyanji, some of the soldiers including Lieutenant Ibrahim Sulaiman, son of Col. Suliman Ahmodu Babanwa (red.), were also killed by the terrorists.

Until his death, Sulaiman was a member of the Nigerian guard brigades, the nation's elite force. He hails from Kogi State, Nigeria.

The soldiers were reportedly responding to a distress call of an impending terror attack, from the authority of the Nigerian Law School, Bwari, Abuja, but were ambushed on their way back.

This is not the first time such an event of abduction is taking place. Terrorism in Nigeria began decades ago and since then, the Nigerian government has done less to cope with the spread of terrorism in the country.

Terrorists have killed thousands and displaced millions across Nigeria, especially in the Northern region. Churches have been bombed and people abducted for ransoms.

The Nigerian government and the military are accused of conniving with terrorists to wreak havoc in the country but there is not enough proof to say this is true. This accusation results from the fact that the government has failed to prosecute any of the arrested terrorists.

Also, the effectiveness of the terrorist’s successful operation and the ineffectiveness of the Nigerian military intelligence is suspicious to the public.

Terrorists in Nigeria Kill Lieutenant, Abduct a Captain and 13 Soldiers in Abuja

Kidnapping has become a normal topic in Nigeria. There are increased cases of terrorist kidnapping and killing of military personnel. Recently, the terrorists attacked the presidential convoy, military academy, and federal prisons. A video emerged online on Sunday showing the terrorists beating and dehumanizing some kidnap victims from a train that traveling from Abuja to Kaduna.

The successful abduction and attacks on the Nigerian military are making many Nigerians believe that the country’s defense system has collapsed and that many Nigerians are worrying about their safety and the future of the nation.

Terrorists in Nigeria Kill Lieutenant, Abduct a Captain and 13 Soldiers in Abuja

Many are thinking terrorists may someday attempt to take over the Nigerian government as happened in Afghanistan.


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