“Between Atiku, Tinubu and Peter Obi, I Will Always Choose Obi” | Adeyanyu Deji Makes a U-Turn


The Nigerian activist and “elder statesman”, Adeyanyu Deji, endorses Obi as the best presidential candidate for Nigeria’s 2023 general Election.

This comes after months of criticism and opposing posts against the presidential candidate, Obi, by Mr. Deji.

“Between Atiku, Tinubu and Peter Obi, I Will Always Choose Obi”: Adeyanyu Deji Makes a U-Turn

The supporters of Mr. Peter Obi, also known as OBIdients, on social media have received cups of “vawulence” for the past months from Mr. Deji Adeyanyu. Some of the posts the activists made about Obi began with mere criticism, until it all metamorphosed into serious opposition.

The “OBIdients” did not take it kindly with the activist. They responded to the activist with bullets of insults, threats, and domineering accusations.

Meanwhile, before the onset of the primary election at the party level, Mr. Deji was fully in support of Obi's candidacy until he changed drastically. It was unclear why someone who supported a certain candidate would say a different thing within the twinkling of an eye.

Although many suggested the activist received bribes from the other candidates; Deji had always reiterated the revolutionary behaviors of OBIdients as the reason for his drastic moves against the presidential candidate.

Mr. Deji, however, makes a U-turn today in favor of Mr. Obi through his Facebook page. In his post, the activist stated “Between Atiku, Tinubu & Obi; I will always prefer Obi. Who no like better thing…”.

The "elder statesman" believes his moves against Peter Obi for the past months have tamed the online arrogance of OBIdients who felt they could bully, insult and threaten everyone into submission.

“If you OBIdients make any more noise, I will come for you again”, Mr. Deji added. According to the activist, his new focus of criticism henceforth is the other presidential candidates, Tinubu and Atiku.

The Nigerian activist and “elder statesman”, Adeyanya Deji, finally endorses Mr. Peter Obi as the best presidential candidate for Nigeria’s 2023 general Election.
Image source: Deji Adeyanyu Facebook Page

About Mr. Peter Obi and Nigeria's 2023 General Election

The 2023 election is one of the most interesting and unpredictable elections in Nigerian history. This is because the top three candidates for the presidential race are all at the apex of the political campaign  trend, and fame.

The race is between Mr. Ahmed Tinubu of theruling party, All Progressive Congress (APC), former Nigerian vice president, Atiku Abubakar, of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), and Mr. Peter Obi of Labor Party.

Mr. Obi is the major point of discussion for the 2023 election. This is because Nigerian elections had always been between the ruling party and an opposition party. Now the case is different as there are two main opposition parties at the top of the race.

Mr. Peter Obi's popularity has given the Labor Party (LP) a new era of hope after years of being at the back of Nigeria’s political panorama. Obi’s uniqueness among the candidates is attributed to his eloquence, younger age, and dreams for Nigeria. This makes him the choice for many Nigerian youths, thereby attracting supporters both at home and abroad.

The rising of Obi to the top of the game has seen immense support from Nigerian youths across different ethnicity, religion, and political party. However, Obi has equally seen great opposition from some Nigerians, especially those who have already gained from the Nigerian political malfeasances.

Many Nigerians see Mr. Peter Obi as a new dawn of hope for the country. The main threat to Mr. Obi is the system of bribery and vote buying that has ravaged Nigeria for decades and trampled the nation into the depth of a near "pseudo-democracy" for years.

If the 2023 election is free and fair, then equity, fairness, and the choice of Nigerians will emerge the next president of the country.

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It is worthy of note that Mr. Obi's presidential race is accompanied with a lot of controversies because of the outrageous behaviors of some of his online supporters. Although the opposition party had always use this as the basis of condemnation, Peter Obi himself had publicly dissociated himself from such behaviors by his supporters.

It is believed that those unacceptable behaviors from Obi's supporters result from the current economic hardship, insecurity and social uncertainties in the country. Many Nigerians are "desperately" in need of positive change in the country. For the OBIdients, Peter Obi is the change they need.

The concern of most Nigerians is not about who wins, but how the country can be delivered from its current economic, social, and political nosedive.

The move by Mr. Deji Adenyanyu is good news for those who are true supporters of Peter Obi. Many are beginning to wonder if others like Mr. Reno Omokri will join the suite. Until then, are fingers are crossed.

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