Ceasefire: Israel and Palestinian Islamic Jihad on Peace Talks in Egypt


Ceasefire: Israel and Palestinian Islamic Jihad on Peace Talks in Egypt

Israel and Islamic Jihad hold talks after days of intense fighting.

The meeting for the ceasefire deliberation will take place on Sunday in Egypt by 1700 GMT (11:30 p.m. Israeli local time).

Both Israel and the leaders of the Islamic Jihad have confirmed the report for the truce delegation.

Israelis and Palestinians have seen rains of rockets falling from their skies for the past three days. The recent escalation between the two groups began when Israeli Defense Force, IDF, carried out what they called “Operation Breaking Dawn” on Friday which led to the destruction of several targets in Gaza. The attack also killed the leader of the Islamic Jihad, Taysir al-Jabari, and 9 others.

The recent conflicts have led to the death of about 31 Palestinians and 260 people being injured according to Al Jazeera reports. Israel has only been able to escape the horror, all thanks to the Iron Dome Technology that has been able to stop 70% of the over 500 rockets fired so far by the Islamic Jihad.

Operation Breaking Dawn began after weeks of threats from the Palestinian Islamic Jihad to attack Israel.

About Israel's Operation Against the Palestinian Islamic Jihad

The fight between Israel and Gazans began several years ago but became intense after Israel’s withdrawal of its force from the Gaza Strip in 2005, leaving it under Palestinian Authority. The corruption by Palestinian officials has denied Palestinians access to basic amenities. This leads to the rise in terror groups like Hamas and Islamic jihad which are sponsored by Iran as proxy fighters.

Israel's Operation Against the Palestinian Islamic Jihad reaches a ceasefire
The spot where an Israeli missile killed the IJ leader

Egypt formed an advocacy group to mediate the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians a few years ago. Although the conflict and hatred continue between the two nations, the Egyptian peacekeeping mission in the region has seen a positive and significant turnaround.

Some suggest a two-state solution to the problem, but many Israelis do not support the idea. Besides, the Palestinian terror organizations do not want anything less than Israel failing to exist as a nation.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is one of the most complex political turmoil of modern times. Nonetheless, one can still believe that someday the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian People will come to an end for the good of the region.

The Ongoing Ceasefire Talks

The terms of the ceasefire agreement are not yet known to the public.  Egypt’s officials say they are working for the release of the Islamic Jihad militants captured days ago by the Israeli Forces.

If the peace talks between Israel and Islamic Jihad is successful, it will bring an end to a conflict that has caused tension in the region for the past three days.

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