Shocking Video: A Top Saudi businessman, Muhammad Al-Qahtani dies While Giving Speech


Shocking Video: A Top Saudi businessman, Muhammad Al-Qahtani dies While Giving Speech | Knowledge Trend Media

A shocking video shows the moment a Saudi businessman, Muhammad Al-Qahtani, collapsed and died while giving a speech at an event in Cairo.

Muhammad Al-Qahtani is a businessman who lives in Dubai, United Arab Emirates but he comes from Saudi Arabia.

Our findings indicate that Al-Qahtani, until his death, was the chairman of the board of Al-Salam Holding Company, a shareholding and investment company that has headquarters in Kuwait.

Reports by the Arabi21 and BBC reveal that the businessman was giving a speech at Arab-African Conference in Cairo, Egypt. The event was held in honor of the achievements of president Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi of Egypt. In attendance were leaders from Arab world and regional representatives.

The video, as shared on twitter, shows the moment the businessman lost consciousness while speaking at the conference, and fell backward to the floor. He was then rushed by the security guards away from the public view, wherein he reportedly died.

There is yet no report about the cause of his death but many reporters believe it could be due to heart failure.

The video has made rounds across social media platforms. While many feel sad about the unfortunate events, others still click on the laughing emoji.

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