Breaking News: Russian President Putin Declares Four Regions of Ukraine as Russia


Putin Declares Ukrainian Regions as Russia

The Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has declared four Areas of Ukraine as Russia. Putin made this declaration on Friday, September 30 through a live broadcast to the nation.

This declaration came after Russia recently conducted an alleged referendum in the occupied areas of Ukraine. A vote the United Nations and Western Countries described as an "illegal referendum" and "shams".

Breaking News: Russian President Putin Declares Four Regions of Ukraine as Russia

In a video broadcast, Putin angrily made the announcement and laid several blame on the West. He also stated that the process of cooperating with the four regions in Russia will take place in a few days.

The areas of Ukraine illegally claimed by Russia are Luhansk, Kherson, Donetsk, and Zaporizhzhia regions.

Summary of the Russian War in Ukraine

The Russian war in Ukraine began on 20 February 2014. After strong defense by the Ukrainian forces, Russia retreated from the Capital of Ukraine. Meanwhile, in recent weeks, Ukraine forces defeated Russian forces and reclaimed most regions earlier taken by Russia.

In response, Vladimir Putin declared general mobilization of Russian civilians and Reservists to fight in Ukraine. The declaration led to a mass protest and escalation in Russia. Hundreds were arrested and Thousands fled Russia to escape from being mobilized to fight in Ukraine.

Following the mobilization statement by Putin, Russia announced carrying out a referendum in some regions of Ukraine for citizens to choose if they wanted to belong to Russia or Ukraine.

The UN and other nations labeled the referendum as "illegal". As expected, the acclaimed referendum result was reported in favor of Russia.

This was not the first time Russia had carried out an illegal referendum in a Ukrainian region to claim it. In 2014, Russia carried out a referendum that led to the annexation of Crimea, a region in Ukraine.

Global Reactions to Russia's Claim on Ukraine Regions.

Global communities and Europe have responded harshly to this report. The EU council says this "blatantly violates fundamental rights of Ukraine to independence. We will never recognize this illegal annexation". The council also declared that it will stand resolutely with Ukraine and "strengthen its restrictive measures" against Russia.

Ukrainian regions "illegally occupied by Russian invaders are Ukrainian land", The President of the EU Commission stated, according to one report by BBC.

The Consequence of Putin's Declaring Ukrainian Regions as Russia

This declaration may lead to a major escalation in Europe. This is because the Western Nations are strongly in support of Ukraine. Meanwhile, Putin constantly claims that any threat to Russian soil can lead to the use of nuclear weapons. A continuous nuclear threat from Putin the US recently responded to.

By declaring these regions of Ukraine as Russia, it means that for Ukrainian forces to attack the region, Russia may claim it is a threat to its national sovereignty.

In addition, this declaration will lead to more sanctions on Russia and more support for the Ukrainian forces. However, there is yet no sign that the Western world will go into direct war with Russia. 

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