Lady Failed to Invite Mum to Her Wedding | What Happens Next is Sad


A Nigerian lady has taken a serious matter to social media which causes many to shiver in awe. The lady who goes by the name, Rachael Abosede Ilori, begs social media users to help her out after refusing to invite her mother to her wedding. The lady's plea was shared by one Chioma Akwuobi.

Rachel is the first and only daughter of her parents but has four siblings. She failed to invite her mother to her wedding which took place 2 years ago. The reason she gave is that her father told her not to invite her mum, however, the mother later learned about her wedding.

Lady Failed to Invite Her Mum to Her Wedding | What Happens Next is Sad

"I am here so that my rant family can help me apologize to my mum because I have offended her and her creator. What I did is that I did my wedding 2 years ago without carrying my mom along, and she later heard about it. It wasn't my intention to do that but my Dad told me that as my Dad told me that he was going to disown me if my Mom was present at the wedding."

"The help I want everyone to render is for all my mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters in this space to please help me call my mum on my behalf to apologize to her. If possible, I don't mind if a few people can go with me to apologize to her because I have made her cry and heartbroken."

"The mistake I made is that I should have stood my ground at the wedding. It was my intention but I was too gullible to realize my mother is my small God.

Lady Failed to Invite Her Mum to Her Wedding | What Happens Next is Sad

She shared her number and that of her mother on social media platforms for everyone to call her mom or even accompany her to offer an apology to her mum. Please everyone can help me apologize to her. I'll never try that again in my life.

Lady Rachel promises that her husband has agreed to even do another wedding if that is what it would take to receive forgiveness from her mother.

"My husband does not mind doing another wedding to have her blessings if that will make her forgive us," she cries.

Lady Failed to Invite Her Mum to Her Wedding | What Happens Next is Sad

It is unclear what exactly stirs this public apology after two years of her marriage. Nonetheless, one can easily assert that she might have passed through a lot of pain and regret during the period.

Unconfirmed reports have it that she has not had a baby since she got married and it is attributed to her offense against her mother.


The lady's experience has caused contrasting responses on Facebook. While many accept her apology, some condemn what she did on strong terms and refuse to see her apology as genuine.

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