A Nigerian Lady Puts to Birth After Being Pregnant for 5 Years


Amazing Grace: A Nigerian Lady Gives Birth to a Bouncing Baby Girl After 5 years of Pregnancy

Every pregnant woman hopes to deliver a child after nine months but this was not the case for the family of Mr/Deaconess (Mrs.) Michael Effiong.

Lady Puts to Birth After Being Pregnant for 5 Years
Mr./Deac. (Mrs.) Effiong Giving Testimony

Deaconess (Mrs.) Effiong got pregnant five years ago without any sign of delivery after a due period of nine months. She followed a proper prenatal medical protocol but that could not help her. Every doctor she met claimed she was having fibroid but she refuted the medical scan results.

Effiong's Family shared their testimony during the Child's Dedication Service on Sunday, at the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Jesus Sanctuary Area Headquarters, Lagos, Nigeria.

In her testimony, Mrs. Effiong expressed her happiness and detailed the challenges she met during the five years period. She recounted how she could not find a job for the past five years after losing her previous job to the 'graceful' pregnancy. Subsequently, whenever she applied for a job, they would reject her because they believed she was pregnant.

"I thank God for everything. Nine months of pregnancy is not easy not to talk of one year, two years, and more. I lost everything, I mean everything. I left everything. Nowhere to apply for a job".

"It was not easy, it was not easy. It was a period of sorrow and a time of shame. It was years of difficulty. But I still trusted in God because I knew that one day, God would do it." 

"Years passed by and I would say, God, when would you visit Me? When shall my time come? Sometimes my tummy would be big, and sometimes small. Each time I went for a scan, they would say it is fibroid. I didn't know where to go to, I didn't know where to run to".

While many people advised that she should get rid of whatever was in her womb, she refused. "I said no, I still heard the kick of the baby in my womb. God will do it when he wants to do it".

Deaconess (Mrs.) Effiong, finally, gave to birth a bouncing baby girl on  April 27, 2022. The child was delivered without medical operation (no C-Section) as one would expect.

"Nobody would believe that a woman can carry a pregnancy for five years. I am a living testimony. I carried a pregnancy for five years", Mrs. Effiong asserted.

"As many that are looking up to God, God will not disappoint you", she concluded.

Her husband, Mr. Michael Effiong also thanked God for his grace throughout the 5 years. "When a woman puts to birth, people only talk about the woman forgetting that a man is part of the whole process".

"Whenever your wife is pregnant, you as the husband would not have peace of mind until she delivers. I joined my wife to bear the pregnancy for five years. It was not easy, but I give thanks to God", Mr. Effiong culminated his testimony as he walked away with a thrilling smile.

Lady Puts to Birth After Being Pregnant for 5 Years

Dedicating the child, Pastor Peter, on behalf of the Host, Pastor Segun Aofolaju, gave thanks to God for his miracle and grace for the family.

The wonder baby girl is named "Amazing Grace Victoria", according to the family.

The event attracted hundreds of worshippers across different church denominations and tribes.

It is indeed a great testimony and "amazing grace" to know that a lady can carry a pregnancy for 5 years and still give birth to a healthy child without having any medical emergency.

This is a great hope for people facing similar challenges out there. Nothing is impossible, indeed.

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