Afterlife: Native Doctor Resurrects from Casket on His Funeral After Two Days I I Saw Heaven, Jesus, Angels


The Story of Mr. Ahmadu’s Death and How He Resurrected from His Coffin

The 'resurrection' of fifty-nine-year-old Godwin Ugeelu Amadu, a native doctor from Gidan Angalu community in Toto Local Government Area of Nasarawa State, has thrown many into serious shock. The native doctor was confirmed dead by doctors but resurrected from his casket at the burial point, two days after his death.

Reports has it that Amadu became sick with chest pain and swollen legs in July. His children took him to the Federal Medical Centre in Keffi, then to other hospitals.

His sickness was prolonged until he was confirmed dead by doctors at a private hospital on September 5, 2022, at about 6 am. He was covered up and wheeled into the mortuary as doctors and family members awaited the arrival of his Abuja-based eldest son, Mr. Jacob Amadu.

Afterlife: Native Doctor Resurrects from Casket on His Funeral After Two Days I I Saw Heaven, Jesus, Angels

The deceased while alive warned his children not to embalm him with formalin. His children, therefore, decided to bury him two days later without embalmment as he requested during his lifetime.

While his children, sympathizers, and well-wishers gathered to take Amadu to the graveyard, after lying in state, the casket began to shake and fell from the table. Everyone ran away in fear because they thought he was a ghost.

One of Ahmadu’s sons Jacob summoned the courage to open the casket. Behold, the native doctor was alive. He was taken to the bathroom and given food to eat.

After days of his resurrection, Ahmadu could not speak. However, his family noticed him beginning to pray all the time. He had been a native doctor who does not believe in God or Christian values.


Mr. Ahmadu’s Afterlife Experience in Heaven, Vision of Angels Jesus, Friends

The former native doctor, after his resurrection, recounted what happened to him after his death.

Amadu said he could not fully remember all that took place when he died only that he was struggling in the pain of his sickness, but at one moment, felt relieved and found himself in another world.


In a statement made available to newsmen through The Nation, Ahmadu gives thanks to God and says he is no more a native doctor but an evangelist. He explains how he was taken to heaven and his peaceful experience in the afterlife.

“I thank God that he has given me life again after tasting death. It is a miracle that God gave me a second chance and I think I will dedicate the days he has given me to live again to worship him and preach his gospel.”


“All I can remember for now is that I lost my memory when I was sick, but people later gathered in my village to mourn my passing. The cloud opened up and I saw something like a giant golden satellite suspended in space. I wouldn’t know whether this is what the bible calls heaven, but there I was greeted by a 75ft tall angel who stood in front of the gate.”


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“The angel had a beautiful sword and wore something like golden hair. As I looked around, I discovered that there were two other angels behind him holding pamphlets and books containing the words of God.”

“The three angels had a brief discussion among themselves and later allowed me into the city of heaven.”

He explained how he met his childhood friend in heaven who took him around the city and how he saw the throne of God.

“On entering the city, I met a childhood friend who died 22 years ago. His name was Choko Aguma. He was the one who took me round the city where everybody was committed to worshipping God.”

“He indeed asked after so many people but I told him I lost touch with some, that some were still alive while others had died long ago. “About 450 yards from what looked like the throne of God, I was captivated by the sign on the outside that read ‘Unaccounted blessings and Mercy of God.”

“So, I can comfortably confirm to you that I went to heaven and not hell fire, and I have returned successfully with the courage to preach the gospel till the end of my life.

“While in heaven, I was told how my children struggled to save my life when I fell sick. I was equally told about my activities as a native doctor, all the events leading to my death, and how preparation for my burial was ongoing when Christ appeared and raised me from death.”

“I was told that Christ woke me up because if I was taken to the grave in the casket covered with sand, it would be very difficult for me to come back because I would lack the strength to pull out of the graveyard.”

“I woke up and I felt cold. I came out of the casket gently and people who came to console my wife and children started running instead of coming to rescue me.”

“I thank God because I know He heard the prayers of my children who had wished that I stay up to 86 years to see them become influential and responsible members of the society, where the entire community looks up to them. Thank God Almighty, their faith has brought me back to life.

In all his narration, the former native doctor, now an evangelist repeats that heaven is bright, peaceful, calm, quiet, and filled with joy and tranquility. He said the name of Jesus is pronounced continuously in heaven.

“The place is filled with myriads of very tall angels, and there is light everywhere. There is no darkness as the angels were talking about Jesus Christ all the time, from morning throughout.”

“It is about what the Bible says about Jesus Christ and everyone there is committed to the bible and its teachings by the angels, and this notion convinced me to change completely and return to Christ as my savior. I am no more a native doctor and I believe Jesus Christ is the way. He can heal and wake up the dead.”

Mr. Ahmadu also recounts how he met so many of his childhood friends in the heavenly city. He could list some of their names.

“While in the cool city of heaven, I saw a lot of my childhood friends, age mates and some of the girls I ‘toasted’ while growing up who died so many years ago. Some could not recognize me because I had become very old. They are all there enjoying life to the fullest.”

“I saw Juliana, and Abawa, who were my girlfriends. They now share gospel words in the city. I also saw Abunagu, Tongue Thomas, and Ishaya who were my aged grades. They were very happy to see me join them in the cool city. They asked after so many people who I know had died but were not in the city, probably they are on the other side.”

He decried how he didn’t see his parents and some of his friends in heaven even when they died as well. And that he did not wish to return to the world because of the joy he had in heaven.

 “I look for my father and mother but didn’t see either of them; maybe they are also on the other side.”

“There, food is served free and in large quantity. Heaven is indeed an interesting place and I wish I never came back to the world. But now that I am back in the world, I will dedicate the rest of my life on earth to the service of God.”

Eyewitnesses story of Mr. Ahmadu’s resurrection and his story of afterlife and heaven.

Mr. Ahmadu’s wife, Salomi, said she was surprised by the incident. She confirmed the whole story of his death to be true. She, however, could not know what happened to him after his death.

“Initially, I was scared of going close to him. That made my eldest son spend some time with us in the village to make sure that we are not afraid. But gradually, we are recovering from the shock to relate with him.”

“What is most encouraging is that he prays all through since he resurrected. He is a complete man of God, though I have not started sleeping with him in the same house and he has not requested it. “But it is okay. We thank God that he is back, this time as a man of God. That is what I can say for now.”, Mrs. Salomi Ahmadu added.


The return to the life of Mr. Ahmadu is a great miracle. It is proof that Jesus is Lord and that God can still raise people from death.

Mr. Ahmadu is not the only one with such testimony. Many around the world have shared different stories about their death and afterlife experience, and how they saw heaven and hell. The reason these people have a chance to return to life remains unknown, but it might be to make people who do believe change and believe now in Jesus as Lord and Savior.

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