Queen Elizabeth: Britain Played An Important Role in Nigeria's Backwardness– Amechi


 Queen Elizabeth: Britain Played An Important Role  in Nigeria's Backwardness– Amechi

Queen Elizabeth: Britain Played An Important Role  in Nigeria's Backwardness– Amechi

The First Republic Minister of Aviation, Chief Mbazulike Amechi, has sympatized with the government of the United Kingdom on the death of their Queen Elizabeth II, Knowledge Trend reports.

The minister described the late British queen as a great friend of Nigeria, who he said played a very significant role in the country’s march towards independence.

The foremost nationalists who spoke with some journalists at his Ukpor, Nnewi, Anambra State residence on Sunday, alleged that the British created lopsidedness in Nigeria.

While recalling his encounter with the late monarch, Amechi described her death as a great loss, saying she played her role with dignity and honour.

Amechi, while pointing out that the British government created the problems facing Nigeria today, also blamed Nigeria’s leadership for not being able to overcome the imbalances created by the colonial masters, 62 years after.

Queen Elizabeth: Britain Played An Important Role  in Nigeria's Backwardness– Amechi

He urged the Nigerian youths to wake up and take back their country from bad leadership and return it to the path of growth.

He said, “Even though every death is said to be a loss, the death of Queen Elizabeth II is a dignified loss and it is a royal death of a very great queen who ruled a great country while playing her role with dignity and honour.

“She was a true representative of the ancestors. I wish her a very safe journey back to her maker.

“I wish the new monarch well and I do hope that there will be a great collaboration between both countries for the correction of the imbalances. I hope the new king will toe the line of peace.

“Britain, while administering Nigeria, made a lot of mistakes, they created a lot of imbalances and lopsidedness, they created potholes and numerous bumps here and there, but we can forgive them.

“As a country, Nigeria should have overcome all these challenges long ago, if we had got our leadership structure right. But bad leadership has kept us where we are today and I do hope that the new monarch if he cannot help to correct these mistakes, he should not disturb us.

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