Queen Elizabeth Burial Updates: World Leaders Arrive in London, Others not Invited, Celebrities Pay Tributes, and more

Queen Elizabeth Burial Updates: World Leaders Arrive in London, Others not Invited, Celebrities Pay Tributes, and more


Queen Elizabeth's Burial and Lying in State

The burial of Queen Elizabeth II is scheduled to hold on Monday, September 18, 2022, at Windsor Castle, after weeks of preparations and lying in state. The Queen who was the longest serving monarch in the history of the United Kingdom and the Head of the Common Wealth, passed away earlier this month.

The body of the Queen traveled first from Balmoral, where she died, to Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. At Edinburg, the coffin was draped in the Royal Standard of Scotland with a wreath on top made of flowers from the Balmoral estate to give her final honor. The late Queen was then taken to London where she lay in state in Westminster palace until her funeral.

Large crowds of people from all over the UK and around the world matched queues of tens of thousands of mourners and well-wishers to pay the Queen the last respect. It took many as long as 24 hours to get to the castle where the body of the queen was placed for public view.

On the final day, the Queen's family, mostly her children, King Charles III, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward, paid her last respect. Others present to on the last day of lying in state were her eight grandchildren, William and Prince Harry, Zara Tindall and Peter Philips; Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie; Lady Louise Windsor and James, Viscount Severn.

Tributes from World Leaders and Celebrities in Honor of the Queen

Although the death of Queen Elizabeth II was greeted with different reactions by people around the world, the bulk of tributes and well-wishes by world leaders overwhelmed every other contrasting opinion.

A great number of world leaders from Africa, America, Europe, and Asia had paid tributes or sent condolence message to the late Queen. The most surprising message came from the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, who despite his conflicting stance with the UK over his invasion of Ukraine, still sent condolence letter to the Queen's family.


Meanwhile, several celebrities and people from all works of life also paid unique tribute to the late queen. The likes of David Beckham were seen on queue during the lying in state. Two Guinness World Record-holding artists, Jignesh and Yash Patel paid their tributes by creating an epic mural in honor of her 70 years of service as a monarch.

World Leaders and Invitees Arrive in London for Queen Elizabeth II's Burial

World leaders including the US president, Joe Biden, and his wife, Jill Biden, have arrived in London ahead of the burial of late Queen Elizabeth II. Biden's attendance of the Queen's burial will be the first time an American president would attend a British State Burial in recent years.

Other notable world leaders currently in London for the burial include the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, Indian President Drupadi Murmo, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese of Australia, New Zealand Premier, Jacinta Ardern, Japan Emperor Naruhito, and Empress Masako, among others. The leaders were received by the UK's new prime minister, Liz Truss.

The death of the Queen has taken global attention since she passed away. The British Broadcasting Cooperation (BBC), CNN, and other media outlets had been live on the burial proceedings. In consideration of the intensity of the function, the burial of the Queen is expected to be one of the largest gatherings of global leaders and dignitaries for decades. It is also a turning point in the history of the UK.

On this note, the Foreign Common Wealth and Development Office, the body in charge of the event has stated that the venue will be so dense with attendees. The UK, therefore, have banned the use of helicopters during this period while allowing only private jets for heads of states traveling to the country.

Dignitaries, except, Joe Biden, are not allowed to use private cars. They are to be transported in groups by a unit organized by the UK government. Joe Biden, being the most protected VIP will be transported in a reinforced Cadillac.


Some World Leaders not Invited to Queen Elizabeth's Burial

The UK Monarchy and the UK government only invited selected world leaders to the burial of the Queen. The palace does not invite world leaders who have a notable record of human rights violations.

World leaders like Russian President, Vladimir Putin, is not invited to the Queen's burial because of his war in Ukraine.

 Many African leaders had also not been invited. The most notable is the Zimbabwean President, Emmerson Mnangagwa, who was denied an invitation despite his request to attend the funeral.

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