Tinubu's Real Age: Nigerians Finally Make Astonishing Calculation

Bola Tinubu's Real Age: Nigerians Finally Make Astonishing Calculation

T(caps)he presidential aspirant of the All Progressive Congress, Mr. Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu, has seen a lot of controversy and debate since the beginning of his 2023 presidential bid. Besides his choice for a Muslim-Muslim ticket, there has been a rising concern over his actual age and his educational background.

Tinubu believes he was born in 1952 making him 70 years old. However, most Nigerians do not accept this is his true age. Many believe his physical appearance and everything about him shows he is older than 70 years of age.


Nigerians have tried to dig into the secret of Mr. Tinubu's questionable age for months but every effort proves abortive. The major challenge in knowing the real age of the presidential aspirant is that his family background history is also vague.

Considering the age of any aspirant would not be a subject of concern for some Nigerians. But some prominent Nigerians, especially members of the opposition parties are concerned about how someone that is not transparent about his age, education, and family history would be faithful in ruling a country like Nigeria.

A social media post, however, has tried to make some calculations suggesting it could be the real age of Mr. Tinubu. This calculation came after  the former Nigerian Minister for Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode (FFK) made a statement against Peter Obi, the presidential aspirant of the Labor Party (LP). According to FFK, Bola Tinubu was already a billionaire when Peter Obi was in kindergarten.

FFK comment, however, has led to an astonishing calculation that suggests the real age of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.

In a post written by one O. Aligweke and shared on Obidient Tv Facebook Page, the writer made some weird calculation that suggests Tinubu is 86 years old using FFK comment as a premise.

Check the calculation on a screenshot below:

Bola Tinubu's Real Age: Nigerians Finally Make Astonishing Calculation to be 86 years old

Bola Tinubu's Real Age: Nigerians Finally Make Astonishing Calculation to be 86 years old
Screenshot from Obidient Tv Facebook page 

This is not the first time someone suggests that Tinubu is 86. Earlier in July, a veteran Nigerian singer, Tee Mac, and former president of the performing association of Nigeria made a shocking disclosure.

Tee Mac who is Tinubu's inlaw was responding to a Facebook post by one Yemi Olakitan who wrote in support of Tinubu. The veteran singer replied, "Dear Yemi. Anybody can choose any candidate, but an intelligent person will ask himself the question: do I choose rightly?"

"Is the man qualified? Is he honest? Does he tell us the truth about his age, background, and how he made his money? Is the man healthy enough at 86 to take up the task of a run-down country?" The veteran singer added.

Until now, the age and vital information of Mr. Tinubu remains a subject of contest. Meanwhile, he still has a loud crowd of supporters and probable voters across the country.                                                                                                                                                

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