Fear of Nuclear Catastrophe Grows as the US Finally Respond to Putin's Threats | Ukraine War


The United States has finally stated its stance against Putin's continuous nuclear threats following the war in Ukraine.

The White House clarifies that the US takes Putin's nuclear threat seriously. This statement came during a BBC interview with a top White House official, John Kirby.

Ukraine War: Fear of Nuclear Catastrophe Grows as the US Finally Respond to Putin's Threats

Mr. Kirby, who is the US National Security spokesperson, stated that the US is still on its "strategic deterrent posture". He also described Putin's continuous nuclear threat as "irresponsible".

The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, since his invasion of Ukraine had always declared his intention to deploy nuclear weapons against the US and its allies under the NATO blog under certain conditions. In most of his speeches, he warned against anyone who attempt to interfere in the Ukraine War of deadly consequences. He also made several revelations that such an attempt would mean a direct threat to Russian sovereignty which would incite a nuclear response.

Putin's threats had raised global concern over what would happen and how the world would react should Putin decide to press a nuclear button against any country. Many feel it may lead to nuclear war or catastrophic destruction that may end our world, or change mankind as we know it.

The United States had always condemned Putin's nuclear threats or any attempt by Russia to employ nuclear or chemical weapons in Ukraine. However, the US did not state its stand or how it would respond should such an event take place.

In the interview with BBC, Mr. Kirby stated "It is a dangerous precedent for Mr. Putin to be using this kind of rhetoric in the context of a war clearly that he's losing inside Ukraine."

"We have to take this threat seriously and we do. We have been monitoring, as best we, his nuclear capabilities, I can tell you that we need to change our strategic deterrent posture at this point."

The US official also added that Putin's plans to Annex more of Ukraine's territories would not work this time. "Putin needs to leave Ukraine, it is not going to work, he needs to stop the war.

Mr. Putin during his military mobilization speech early this week affirmed his initial stand that Russia would not hesitate to use "all weapon systems available" in response to a threat to its territorial integrity.

The continuous nuclear threats from Russia and the fact that Putin is losing it in Ukraine after the Ukrainian army retook some of its territories through counterattacks make it uncertain to tell exactly what Putin has in Mind to do next. In the other news, Russians are leaving the country to escape being mobilized to fight in Ukraine after Putin's mobilization speech.

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