World Bank Announces Recruitment Drive for Nigerians and Other Africans 2022 | How to Apply


World Bank Job Recruitment Begins for Applicant in Western and Central Africa

The world's number one financial institution, the World Bank is opening a virtual recruitment drive for Nigerians and other Africans. The recruitment is meant to employ professionals for its global development drive across its West African and Central African offices.

World Bank Announces Recruitment Drive for Nigerians and Other Africans 2022 | How to Apply
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In a post made available through its official website, the world bank states "The Western and Central Africa Region of the World Bank is looking for dedicated professionals with a passion for international development to join our innovative and diverse staff".

"We are proud to be an equal opportunity and inclusive employer, not discriminating based on gender, gender identity, religion, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or disability. We offer competitive salaries and benefits packages", the bank stated.

Schedule for the World Bank Recruitment Drive Application

Application begins: September 15
Application Process Closes: October 12, 2022
World Bank Recruitment Drive for Africa Event: September 30, 2022
Expected start date of new hires: December 2022 - February 2023

World Bank Job Benefits

In Western and Central Africa, The World Bank is a leading partner. It has a growing portfolio of over 390 projects totaling more than $51 billion.

The bank engages in projects across different sectors of the regional economy including agriculture, trade, transport, energy, education, health, water, and many more. Besides the economic projects, the World Bank also works on tackling some of the major global challenges of the 21st Century including climate change and global pandemics.

The World Bank offers its employees competitive salaries and benefits packages as the top financial institution in the world.

You also stand the chance to engage in developmental impact across Africa and beyond. Working with the world bank is a great opportunity to showcase your skill and advance your current professional portfolio.

The World Bank Group also offers other comprehensive benefits, including a retirement plan; medical, life, and disability insurance; and paid leave, including parental leave, as well as reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities

Qualification for Application for the World Bank Recruitment

The world bank accepts applicants across a wide field of professions and human endeavors. Priority is however given to development experts who are seeking new career challenges and away to create an impact on society.

Moreover, applicants may need to understand the official language of the country in which he/she is going to be posted. For instance, applicants applying for the job available in Nigeria must know how to speak English, and those who apply for jobs in Benin may need to know how to speak French.

Available Positions/Categories for the World Bank Job

The are about 30 available categories for applicants across the different countries in Western and Central Africa. The job category depends on the country in which the applicant is going to be posted for the World Bank job.

Below are the available vacancies for the world bank job

1. Education Specialist

2. Social Protection Specialist

3. Social Development Specialist

4. Social Protection Specialist

5. Environmental Specialist

6. Operation Officer

7. Agriculture Economist

8. Education Specialist

9. Social Protection Specialist

10. Education Specialist

11. Private Sector Specialist

12. Transport Specialist

13. Social Protection Specialist

14. Energy Specialist

15. Education Specialist

16. Social Protection Specialist

17. Senior Education Specialist

18. Environmental Specialist

19. Public Sector Specialist

20. Financial Management Specialist

21. Digital Development Specialist


22. Senior Operations Officer

23. Public Sector Management Specialist

24. Energy Specialist

25. Transport Specialist

26. Digital Development Specialist

27. Senior Financial Management Specialist

28. Procurement Specialist

29. Governance Specialist

30. Senior Governance Specialist

31. Digital Development Specialist

32. Senior Education Specialist

How to Apply for the World Bank Recruitment Drive for 2022

The World Bank Recruitment Drive online application will close by 12 October 2022. To view details of the above job categories and how to apply, Click here.

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