You Can Take This Military Uniform from Me, Not the Word of God | Nigerian Soldier Challenges Those Who Oppose His Preaching


A Nigerian soldier has challenged those who condemn him for preaching in military uniform.

The soldier who goes by the name "Aaron Abraham" is popular on social media, especially Facebook, for always making videos and reels, preaching to people, and promoting positive motivational speeches.

While Aaron's good messages have earned him thousands of followers, it seems not everyone is happy about his good works.

You Can Take This Military Uniform from Me, Not the Word of God|  Nigerian Soldier Challenges Those Who Oppose His Preaching

In most of his Facebook posts, people are often seen condemning him for engaging in motivation and preaching to others instead of focusing on his military work.

Thousands however are so happy that the Nigerian army still has good people like Aaron. In one of his posts, someone said "someone like you de give us hope  say our military still get good people".

Aaron's previous posts show that people in higher positions than him are beginning to threaten him for wearing military uniforms while preaching about God and heaven. In response, Aaron stated that people can take away the military uniform, even his life from him, but they cannot take away the word of God and his good messages to the world.

"For those insulting me in my comment section, telling me that I'm confused and that I don't know what I am doing, let me tell you something. I am not offending anyone. I should speak my mind. Nigerians have been careful since 1960 but nothing is changing."


"Don't tell me to be careful. The Bible says that I should be careful with nothing but in everything, I should by prayer and supplication make everything known to God. Stop advising me, advise yourself. Don't think you can threaten me. I am not even seeing anybody."

"I am not even afraid of death because I've seen and I know where I'm going when I leave this earth. I've seen my God, so nothing can constitute a threat to me in this world."

Aaron added that even his superior has no right to stop him from preaching the gospel. "Before I joined the army, I ticked Christianity as my religion on the form given to me".

It is amazing to see military personnel engaging in such wonderful activities to motivate and preach the word of God to others.

Indeed, we still have wonderful soldiers in Nigeria despite saboteurs who try to betray the nation.

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