A Nigerian Church Gives Free Food to Members For the Past 10 Years

A Nigerian church reportedly offers food to its members after every church service for the past 10 years.

Church attendants including members, non-members, and visitors receive free lunch every Sunday at the last service session of the day.

A Nigerian Church Gives Free Food to Members For the Past 10 Years
Credit: Facebook @Aniekeme Finbarr

The church, Full Life Christian Centre, also known as Full Life Church, is a Pentecostal Christian denomination and megachurch with headquarters in Uyo, the capital city of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

The Uyo-based mega church offers food to its church attendees at a special location on the church premises which they refer to as "Love Kitchen".

A Facebook user, Aniekeme Finbarr, who shared the post commended the church. In his statement, Aniekeme Finbarr who is a media practitioner said, "The only qualification is that you have to be a human being and you should be hungry", to be given the food.

Social media users appreciate the general overseer of the church  Rev. Ntia I. Ntia for the kind gesture towards its church worshippers, while others wish to be members of such a church where they would have access free lunch.

A Nigerian Church Gives Free Food to Members For the Past 10 Years

Full Life Christian Center has two services every Sunday, which that means for one to be part of the feast, he/she must take part, especially in the second church service of the day.

In the comment section of the post, MaryClare Keke said, "God bless you my darling, and replenish the pockets of all who contribute to this work of God".

This is indeed a nice step as it would help members who might have been exhausted and hungry after the service.

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