A Nigerian Man Sworn in as a Deputy Premier in Canada I Knowledge Trend Media

Kelechi Madu, A Nigerian-Canadian man has been sworn in as the deputy premier of Alberta, a province in Western Canada.

Kelechi was sworn in on Monday,  October 24, 2022, as Deputy Premier at Albertan capital, Edmonton.

Nigerian Sworn in as the Deputy Premier in Canada I Knowledge Trend Media

Madu is a father of three with a loving wife. He was born and brought up in Southeastern Nigeria. He moved to Lagos where he obtained his Bachelor of Laws Honours degree at the University of Lagos and was called to bar in Nigeria. He has been in the law profession for 16 years.

Madu migrated to Canada in 2005 with his wife, Emem, where he and his wife opened a law firm known as Tisel Law Office, and engaged in community legal programs.


Before he emerged as the Canadian deputy premier, Kelechi served at the ministry of justice as the minister of Justice and Solicitor General and the Minister of Municipal Affairs.

He also served as the Minister of Skilled Trades and Professions, formerly the Ministry of Labor and Immigration, a position he held to date.

Minister Madu's political journey as a minister and a deputy premier was not an easy route. At the onset of this appointment, he was accused of corruption.

A report by The Eagle said that His accusers indicted him of making a call to interfere in a traffic offense committed by someone he knew, an allegation he denied.

As a result of the accusation, his political career in Canada almost came to a halt. After a prolonged investigation was carried out by the government of Alberta, he was found not guilty of the crime.

It was discovered that his phone call was not to interfere with the traffic offense decision but to raise concern against racial profiling.

To clarify Mr. Madu's case to the public, the premier of Alberta, Jason Kennedy said, "It is clear from the report that his motivation in making the call was not to reverse the ticket but to raise broader concerns, particularly related to racial profiling."

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