Dirtiest Man in the World Dies at 94 After Taking First Bath for Decades

The man who got the media title, “the dirtiest man in the world” has died at the age of 94, months after taking his first bath for years.

Dirtiest Man in the World Dies at 94 After Taking First Bath for Decades

Amou Haji lived in Fars, a province in Southern Iran. He had not used soap or water to bathe for over 50 years. He believed soap and water would make him sick and had to avoid taking baths for the whole of his life.

In one of BBC’s recaps of Haji’s interview with Tehran’s Times in 2014, he told the media that he lived between holes and brick shacks in the ground built for him by concerned neighbors. Besides living in holes underground, Haji also said that his best meal was a porcupine.

He chose to live without bathing because of "some emotional setbacks he had during his childhood".

The man lived by eating rotten food, drinking dirty water, and without taking bath. His refusal to take bath for years made his body covered with mud, soot, pus, and his hair wild and unkempt.

He was also known for constant smoking and staying isolated from people, even when the local dwellers still tried to offer him help.

Dirtiest Man in the World Dies at 94 After Taking First Bath for Decades
Image Credit: AFP

Amou Haji has had a lot of pressure from people who wanted to force him to bathe or drink good water, but he refused. He, however, succumbed to the pressure and had his first bath in decades a few months ago.

“The dirtiest man in the world” became ill shortly after taking bath. Unfortunately, he died on Sunday, Iran’s IRNA news agency reports.

In response to the news of his death, many across social media platforms condemned those who forced him to take bath as being responsible for his death.

Some believe his body was used to his dirty lifestyle and that by forcing him to bathe, he was exposed to danger which led to his demise.

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