Northern Muslims in Queue to Boycott Polaris Bank Over a Mail Banning Prayers as MURIC Demands Apology


Muslims Boycott Polaris Bank Over Anti-Prayer Mail


N(caps)orthern Nigerian Muslims early on Saturday were in queues to withdraw all their money and boycott Polaris Bank over a viral email that they consider to be Islamophobic.

The email which went viral features a signature of a Polaris Bank staff, Damilola Adebara, informing workers against praying during working hours, especially, while on duty. The email led to widespread tension and a call for the Muslim faithfuls to boycott the bank.

The letter states that the Bank does not have a policy of allowing staff members to go to any religious activities, especially Muslim Juma'at services during Friday working hours. The email clarified that staff working under it YES Centers have been found guilty of dereliction of duty, mostly on Fridays.

The Email reads:

"Dear All, It has been observed that on Fridays, you leave your work desks to attend the Jumat service bearing in mind the impact of your absence on the workflow and productivity of Yes Center.

Northern Muslims in Queue to Boycott Polaris Bank Over a Mail Banning Prayers

"Kindly note that there is no provision made anywhere in the bank's policy for employees to attend any religious activities during work hours. Going forward such permissions would not be granted on the Yes Center platform and any infraction of this directive would be dealt with accordingly. You are all expected to acknowledge the receipt of this mail. Thank you."

Polaris Bank Apologizes to Muslims as MURIC Demands Further Apology

After the email led to widespread outrage and a call for a boycott, Polaris bank had however apologized to Muslims and said that the email was not officially from the bank executive, but a supervisor.

In the apology letter, the Bank stated that

"The Attention of the Bank has been drawn to a shared screenshot of mail sent by a supervisor to staff in her department in respect to Friday prayers."

"We assure all staff, customers, and the public that we will continue to respect the fundamental rights and freedom of worship of every employee."

MURIC Response to Polaris Bank Mail

Responding to the news, an Islamic human rights organization, Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) demands further apology from Polaris Bank. In a statement made available to the public, MURIC claims the bank policies aim to Christianize the bank the deislamize its staff.

“MURIC strongly condemns this strong-arm tactic aimed at Christianising the bank’s policies and de-Islamising Muslim staff of Polaris Bank. It is unethical, unprofessional, and intolerant.”

“First and foremost, we demand an apology from Polaris Bank. Nigerian Muslims deserve that courtesy, that respect.

The Islamic organization says that it demands an unreserved apology from the Bank stating that the first apology was not enough. MURIC also states that the Polaris Bank Staff who sent the mail should be punished through days of suspension.

“That apology should be tendered within seven days from today, Friday, 14th October 2022 failing which Muslim customers may start boycotting the bank. Nigerian Muslims deserve dignified treatment as homo sapiens compos mentis.


“Secondly, the first offender, Damilola Adebara, must go on a few days’ suspension. There must be consequences for unprofessional behavior. On her return from suspension, she must withdraw the memo sent to all Muslim staff.

“She must also send copies of the withdrawal mail to her Christian staff and Polaris Bank management exactly as she copied them on the offensive email ab initio.

The MURIC advised the bank not to think that Nigerian Muslims could not mobilize themselves for unified action nationwide is living in delusion

“Polaris Bank should not try to test our will. Whoever thinks Nigerian Muslims cannot mobilize themselves for unified action nationwide is living in delusion.

“This is the age of resistance against all forms of religious apartheid targeted at Nigerian Muslims. Without firing a single shot, we are determined to teach our traducers lessons in religious tolerance and peaceful coexistence using peaceful and civil liberty gimmicks.

Nigerians React to the Polaris Bank Muslim Boycott

Many Nigerians across social media have reacted to the Polaris Bank Email. While some Muslims are already going ahead to boycott the bank, other Nigerians believe the apology Tendered by the Bank is enough.

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