Viral Photo Shows Jackie Chan’s Daughter in Extreme Poverty, Begging for Food in Canada

Viral Photo Shows Jackie Chan’s Daughter in Extreme Poverty, Begging for Food in Canada

A viral photo shows Etta Ng Chok, the daughter of the popular Hong Kong action movie actor, Jackie Chan, queueing in Toronto, Canada for free food. The news of her fall to poverty is a surprise to many because her father, Jackie is a rich man.

22-year-old Etta Ng is a love child of Chan and Elaine, a former beauty queen, Elaine Ng Yi-lei.

Chan, is married to Taiwanese actress Joan Lin but in 1999, he had an extramarital affair with Elaine Ng Yi-lei, a beauty queen 19 years his junior, according to a report by Style. Her father, Jackie Chan, had not taken responsibility on her since she was born. Ng was raised under her mother’s care from childhood. Some say she did not know her father at the time she was young.

Ng’s relationship with her mother, Elaine Ng Yi-lei, turned bitter after she dropped out from school to follow her partner, Andi Autumnin, a Canadian social media influencer in 2017. Ng married her Canadian partner in 2018 until her condition worsened.

Ng’s recent photos, however, show her queueing up with elderly people in Canada, wearing baggy pants and oversized clothing that showed that she might have been homeless. Standard reports that Chan's daughter was making a living by working at a restaurant in Toronto's Chinatown before the emergence heartbreaking photos.

Her estranged Dad, Chan, was just confirmed for Disney's 1001 Nights, a multi-million dollar project. With a fortune of over USD 400 million attributed to Chan, it is a surprise to many that his daughter should be in abject poverty.

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