A Precision Air Plane Crashes into Lake Victoria in Tanzania, with Passengers Onboard | Video

A Precision Airplane, 5H-PWF, ATR42-500, carrying 43 people including crew members has crashed into Lake Victoria in Tanzania.

The plane crash took place on Sunday, at 08:53 local time, while the airplane attempted to land at a domestic airport in the country. The cause of the plane crash is attributed to bad weather, according to local reports.

Tanzanian regional commissioner, Albert Chalamila, said that of the 43 people onboard the plane, 39 were passengers, 2 cabin crew, and 2 pilots according to a report by Al Jazeera.

Video: Precision Air Plane Crashes into Lake Victoria in Tanzania, with Passengers Onboard
A report by Tanzanian local media says that 26 people have been rescued so far and taken to the hospital. 3 people have confirmed death while a search is ongoing to rescue 17 others who remain missing as of the time of this report.

Lake Victoria is the largest lake in Africa lying mainly in Tanzania and Uganda. The Bukoba city where the plane crashed is situated in the northwest of Tanzania on the southwestern shores of Lake Victoria. One end of the runway at Bukoba airport lies right next to the shore of Lake Victoria.

Precision Air is Tanzanian biggest airline based at Julius Nyerere International Airport in Dar es Salaam. The plane was flying from Dar-es-Salaam, (the commercial city of Tanzania) to Bukoba when it began to have some difficulty at about 328 feet (100 m) above sea level as a result of storm and fog.

Reports say the plane was submerged in water until rescue teams comprised of local fishermen and emergency units tried to drag it with rope closer to the shore.

There is panic across the country. While bystanders surround the scene to mourn the unfortunate incident, relatives are going through hospitals to locate their loved ones who were on the plane.

Speaking to BBC, Abdul Nuri who was at the airport waiting for the return flight to Dar es Salaam, said he witnessed when the plane plunged into the water.

"We were shocked. People panicked and some started crying and shouting," he told the BBC.

"At the arrivals gate, people panicked as well - most of them were waiting to welcome their relatives."

The crash of a Precision Air Plane has caused panic across social media. users who have used the airplane before say they feel traumatic over the crash.

The Airline has confirmed the crash through a public notice posted on its official Twitter handle.
"We regret to announce that Precision Air flight PW 494 operated with ATR-48 aircraft (|PWF), with 39 passengers on board, (38 adults and 1 infant) flying from Dar es Salaam to Bukoba has been involved in an accident as it was approaching Bukoba Airport and crash landed in Lake Victoria"

"The rescue is ongoing and we can confirm 26 passengers have been rescued and rushed to the hospital for medical care."

The airline, however, claims that no death has been recorded so far. It also reiterated that its investigation team consisting of Precision Air technical staff and TAA had departed to join the rescue operation on the ground.

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