Davido Marries Chioma Amidst Turbulence | What Everyone Should Learn from the Couples

Chioma and Davido Secret Traditional Wedding

Chioma and Davido Secret Traditional Wedding

Popular Nigerian artiste, David Adeleke, also known as Davido has been the subject of discussion in the entertainment industry for weeks following the death of his 3-year-old son, Ifeanyi.

As condolences and propaganda continue to flow simultaneously, Davido and his fiancée, Chioma Rowland, who is the late Ifeanyi's mother, have been away from the public since the unfortunate event took place. Meanwhile, a viral post shared last week alleged that the duo have gotten married through a private gathering.

The news of Davido and Chioma's secret traditional marriage went viral after a popular Nigerian blog, Gistloversblog_mediahouse shared an Instagram post alleging that the duo are officially couples through restricted ceremony.

The post stated that Davido has paid a complete pride price for Chioma and that both are trying their best to recover from the pains of the loss of their beloved son.

It reads, "Hello tueh tueh, congratulations are in order as Davido secretly got married to Chioma officially after their son's death."

The report added that the traditional wedding had only a few family members and friends in attendance, and that no cameras were allowed (which means that members of the public were strictly avoided from attending or knowing about the glorious event).

"The traditional wedding which has a few family and friends in attendance with no camera allowed was done in Davido's father's house and Chioma's bride price was paid in full."

"This is coming after Chioma told Davido that there was nothing left for her to be looking at as the son that binds them together is no more".

"The wedding which was supposed to come up next year was fast forward to November 6 just to console Chioma and assure her that with or without a son, her place is assured. Their registry is coming up sometime next week".

More information from the viral post is that Davido's other 'baby mammas' are not happy about the news of Davido's wedding with Chioma Rowland, and that the couples remain under family surveillance as they continue to the mourn their loss.

It is not clear if the marriage between Davido and Chioma is true because the couples and their family members are yet to comment; however, just like the families did not make any statement on the death of Ifeanyi which turned out to be true, a similar silence can me, "Yes".

Lesson Everyone Must Learn from the  Relationship Between Chioma and Davido

Davido Marries Chioma Amidst Turbulence | What Everyone Must Learn from the Couples

The good news about Davido and Chioma is yet to be verified at the time of this report, even as social media users continue to send congratulatory messages to the celebrity couples, while others post photos of the pair on their profiles, with prayers and words of encouragement.

Besides the tragic 'gists' and the recent good news, there are a few lessons one can learn from the 'controversial relationship' between Davido and Chioma.

  • Love can always win. Hence, love must be a priority in any marital-related relationship: Without love, relationships may not be able to overcome challenges. Davido and Chioma are true definition of "love". They are only able to marry themsleves at this trial period because they love each other.
  • Forgiveness is important in a relationship: Both Davido and Chioma separated and called off their wedding in February 2021. They came together again and remain stronger than ever. Only true forgiveness can make this possible.
  • There is no storm that a relationship cannot withstand: Davido and Chioma began dating each other in 2017. The music star proposed to his partner, Chioma in 2019. They broke up unofficially in 2021 after canceling their planned wedding. The death of their son, Ifeanyi, was thought by many to be the last challenge they would not be able to withstand. That they are getting married shows the strength of their relationship.
  • What people say or think should not always matter among couples: The relationship between Davido and Chioma has seen criticism, blackmail, support, public scrutiny, back-bitting and gossip since it began.
Davido has been accused of using his son for ritual while other blamed Chioma for negligence which they claim led to the son's death. The reality is that the couples do not allow what people say and think to influence their decisions.
  • Anyone can be a victim of circumstances: No matter how rich, beautiful or handsome you are, tough times can visit you in a manner that money may not be able to help. Therefore, money and material wealth should not be the first parameter in choosing a partner.
Moreso, it is important for relationship partners, especially probable couples to prepare their minds against impending "temptations". If Chioma and Davido only existed together because of material wealth, what they have experienced so far is enough to break their relationship in pieces.

What makes Davido and Chioma remain together is not just love, but a combination of love, understanding, forgiveness, compatibility, resourcefulness, and determination. Any relationship or marriage with those attributes can always win when turbulent time comes.

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