Meta Launches WhatsApp Communities and Other Features | Here is How This Can Help Your Business


WhatsApp Communities is Set to be Launched Today

Meta has announced its plan to launch a new feature on WhatsApp known as WhatsApp communities. The CEO of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, made this announcement available to the public through a video broadcast shared across his social media handles including Facebook.

The new features would en
able admins to organize conversations thereby helping them to easily track and reach out to different kinds of people they interact with daily.

Meta Launches WhatsApp Communities and Other Features Today

In the video broadcast, Meta CEO, stated, "This is a major evolution for WhatsApp, and it's something I've been focused on for the past year.

"If you think about all the activities you do and the people you interact with throughout the day, it reflects the different kinds of relationships that people have. Not just with our loved ones, but with other activities and work too".

"With communities, admins would now have the tools to organize conversations under one umbrella," Mark said.

The WhatsApp community is simple to create. The tap is just on the homepage. Users would be able to just click on the tap and add members.

Meta Launches WhatsApp Communities

The community, according to Zuckerberg is secure. This means only members of each community would be able to see the conversation within the community.

Other Features Added to the WhatsApp Communities

Mark Zuckerberg also announced the addition of more features to improve users' chat experience. The new features on the WhatsApp community include reactions, larger filesharing, polls, links for group or team calls, and more.

"I believe that close-need communities need private and secure ways of connecting among themselves. With these additional features, WhatsApp is more private and secure than our contenders. I believe more people would get to use our communities starting today," Zuckerberg concluded.

How WhatsApp Communities and Other New Features Can Help Your Business Growth

WhatsApp communities would enable users to meet people of similar interests and share common ideas and beliefs.

It is also a great breakthrough for tutors, teachers, organizers, and content creators to organize events and classes with larger audiences.

The call-link feature means that you can simply share a link to invite people to your event or classes. So, if you offer any online classes, this is good news.

The WhatsApp community polls feature would enable admins to monitor daily engagement in their communities. The additional features of larger file sharing and video link creation mean that educators and content creators can now organize classes, host video meetings and share high quality files (documents, images, videos, etc.) on WhatsApp without the previous audience limit and poor quality upload.

As a business owner, you can easily organize your customers based on locations, products or services and/or needs. This will also make it easy to carryout customers' survey and periodical market analysis.

In addition, the communities also mean easy navigation and more control for the admins over groups conversation.

Users can now enjoy their interactions and optimize their updated WhatsApp tools to boost their businesses and social relationships.

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