Saudi Arabia Humbles Argentina by 2 Goals to 1 at FIFA 2022 World Cup: Meet the Nigerian Man that Predicted Game Accurately

Saudi Arabia Humbles Argentina With 2 Goals to 1 at FIFA 2022 World Cup: Meet a Nigerian Man that Predicted the Match and other Games Accurately

A Nigerian Man on Twitter Made Accurate Prediction of the Football Match Between Saudi Arabia and Argentina

A Nigerian man on Twitter has become a celebrity after predicting the match between Saudi Arabia and Argentina at the ongoing FIFA 2022 World Cup, accurately.

The mysterious man who goes by the name, Adebowale, with the Twitter hashtag, #Jesusman, tweeted that Saudi Arabia would win against Argentina by 2 goals to 1, hours before the match kicked-off.

The tweet reads, "The biggest upset in the history of football will happen today. Saudi Arabia will beat Argentina by 2 goals to 1."

Mr. Adebowale's profile is crammed with accurate predictions but it seems people did not notice him earlier. He already has a short note on his profile description stating, "I see things before they happen".

The "Jesus man's" predictions became popular today after the surprising result of the match he predicted came to pass.

Many have taken to Adebowale's Twitter profile to ask him for more predictions while others request that he prophesy to them about their destinies and their futures.

Saudi Arabia Humbles Argentina With 2 Goals to 1 in a Historic Win

Just as Adebowale predicted, the Green Falcon of Saudi Arabia has beaten
La Albiceleste (The White and Sky Blue) of Argentina by 2 goals to 1.

The match kicked off at 13:00 Qatar local time (10 am (GMT) at the 80,000 capacity Lusail Iconic Stadium, in Qatar, between one of the most favorite teams of the game, Argentina, and Saudi Arabia.


The game commenced with Argentina squeezing the Saudi team with a lone goal, just 10 minutes from the beginning of the first half.

Messi again pressured the Saudi Arabia goalkeeper, Mohammed Al-Owais, on a breakaway netting, but that goal and two other goals by Lautaro Martinez were ruled-off by the referee as offside.

The football match took a different dimension in the second half when Saleh Al-Shehri of the Saudi team made a smooth shot in the 48th minute, and Al-Dawsari swiveled in a breathtaking strike from the edge of the penalty area in the 53rd minute to the awe of Argentina, scoring the second gold within 4 minutes interval.

Despite all the manipulative leg works by the Argentina's football magician, Messi, the Saudi defenders set their walls firm.

The match ended with the Green Falcon of Saudi winning the game against Argentina by 2 goals to 1, after a tough 90 minutes tussle and extra 14 minutes in the second half alone. 

Saudi Arabia and Argentina National Team Overview

Argentina is seen as a prime boss when it comes to the world's football. FIFA currently ranks Argentina as the 3rd best national team in the world.

The Argentina national team is blessed with top world footballers like Lionel Andrés Messi, popularly known as Messi. Fortunately, Messi who competes for the title of the world's best footballer with C. Ronaldo is the captain of the Argentine team.

Other top footballers on the team include Emiliano Martinez, Rodrigo de Paul Paul, and Lautaro Martinez, among others.

In addition, the Argentina National Team has not lost any of its past 36 games thread which ranks it the second of such record after Italy which has won 37 unbeatable games.

The Argentina team had also won two world cups and placed itself in the second position at the world cup finals three times, in 1930, 1990, and 2014, respectively.

Saudi Arabia on the other hand is underestimated by many in the world of football. The team also known as The Green Falcons had only qualified to play the FIFA world cup 6 times which it hardly made it above the group stage. It is currently ranked 51st by FIFA, making it the second-lowest-ranked team in the 2022 World Cup tournament.

The Saudi team is proud of some professional footballers like its captain, Salman bin Mohammed bin Mohammed Al-Faraj, popularly known as Mohammed Salman. Even so, competing with Argentina was a tough game for Saudi and no one would imagine them winning the game.

Considering the above factors, almost every football analyst predicted Argentina to win but as football is more of a game over a sure bet, otherwise was the case.

The football match between Argentina and Saudi is the most interesting game since the commencement of the 2022 World Cup Tournament on Sunday and one of the most extraordinary wins in the history of football.

Other results so far had seen Ecuador giving Qatar 2 goes to 0, England 6: 2 Iran, Senegal 0: 2 Netherlands, USA 1:1 Wales and Argentina 1: 2 Saudi Arabia.

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