UK Researchers Invent Medical Robot to Treat Injured Soldiers on Battle Field

Researchers Invent Medical Robot to Treat Injured Soldiers on Battle Field

UK Researchers Build Medical Triage Robot to Function at Battlefield

Researchers from the University of Sheffield, United Kingdom, are building a medical robot that will help in treating injured soldiers on the battlefield. The triage robot will be controlled remotely by medical experts through Visual Reality (VR).

The medical robot which is called Medical Telexistence Platform (MediTel) is expected to be ready on April 2023. It will be furnished with all the equipment it needs to provide real-time visual feedback of patients condition, collect samples, monitor subjects' medical vitals, and carryout all the necessary tasks needed for proper medical treatment.

The project co-leader, David King, says that the robot is expected to curtail death rates among soldiers who might sustain several forms of injuries on the battlefield.

"MediTel will reduce the risk to military personnel by limiting their exposure to potential hazards while providing an improved chance of survival for the casual," King said in a report by Freethink.

How the MediTel (Robot) Will be Able to Function

According to the research team, the robot, MediTel, is equipped with a 360-degree camera to enhance all angle views. It will also have two support cameras attached to two different arms, and employ GPS to locate the targeted injured soldier.

The Camera and equipment attached to the robot are designed to send real-time data to a medic observing the situation with a VR headset via a 5G connection.

For the robot to handle smaller objects, it has a custom-built gripper that is fastened to one of its arms. The medical expert with the VR headset will supervise the robot to carry out several medical tasks to ascertain the level of sustained injuries through appropriate sample collections. This will enable the robot to offer adequate treatment remotely.

About how the robot will be conveyed, the group says that the plan is to use a commercial unmanned ground vehicle capable of transiting considerably tough terrain as the base for the robot. This will enable the robot to move around the battlefield independently.

In a report by Freethink, Sanja Dogramadzi, another co-leader on the MediTel project stated, “Our platform uses the latest technology and would integrate it in a way that hasn’t been done before".

Battlefield Medical Scenario and Why Medical Robot Like MediTel Matters

When soldiers are on the battlefield, they are highly exposed to a lot of things that of course place their lives at risk. Meanwhile, battlefield dead rates can be reduced if there are better ways to provide adequate and timely medical aid to wounded soldiers. Because battles are fought in remote areas, soldiers only have access to minimal medical attention.

Battlefield Medical Scenario and Why Medical Robot Like MediTel Matters

Often, proper medical treatment is only offered by taking the soldiers far from the battlefield to where medical facilities are placed. This greatly poses a big challenge because not every soldier makes it alive to the medical facility. With the ability to provide full medical support to soldiers through a remotely controlled robot, battlefield death rates from sustained injuries will be reduced.

Moreover, the robot can make its way to high-risk positions that medical practitioners cannot reach. This will enhance the unmanned treatment of patients at isolated locations. Although the robot may need support from someone nearby, it will be more efficient in battlefield medical practice.

Besides, the team also plans to incorporate advanced robotic surgery technology into the MediTel system, with time. When this is finally done, it will be a major breakthrough in medicine.

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