Video | Watch the Moment Hotel Manager Saved a Nollywood Actor From Being Poisoned by His Girlfriend

A video going round shows the moment a hotel manager saved a Nigerian actor from taking a drink that had been poisoned by his girlfriend.

Video: Watch the Moment Hotel Manager Saved a Nollywood Actor From Being Poisoned by His Girlfriend Through CCTV

In the video, the hotel manager approaches the man who sat happily with a lady by his right side on a blue chair and was about to sip from a cup of beer. The manager quickly interrupted him from taking the drink. The man who thought it was a prank began to make jest over the warning, and attempted to ignore the manager's message.

The scene became serious after the manager introduced himself as the hotel administrator and informed the man (who he, the manager, identified as an actor) that his drink has been poisoned.

The girl in question denied the allegation and took offense against the manager and her man, "the Nollywood actor". She was asked to drink from the poisoned cup to acquit herself, but she refused. It was then that the unidentified Nollywood actor knew the case was a serious one.

To further prove himself, the hotel manager commanded the duo to his office to show them the CCTV footage of the incident.

The footage played on a computer screen showed the moment the Nollywood actor went out to the rest room leaving his drinks to the mercy of his girlfriend, who quickly added some substances to the drink.

The actor could not believe what he had seen. He lost his temper and began to assault his said girlfriend. The hotel staff, however, intervened yet the suspected girl did not feel sorry for what she was about to do.

Knowledge Trend Media is yet to identify the Nollywood actor and the girl in the footage. However, details we have gathered so far from different sources claim that she was arrested and handed over to the police for investigation.

Our sources said she denied attempting to poison the actor but claimed that what she added to the drink was a love portion (a charm to invoke more love from the man).

It is not clear if she was saying the truth but many social media users believe it was poison because she failed to drink from the cup to exonerate herself.

Sharing the video on Instagram, Kelly Handsome said:

"If a woman who has given birth to a baby for a man can still be running up and down looking for how to destroy his life and bring him down by all means, why would not fear them?"

"Some are heartless & unpredictably deadly. Take my advice; fear women of nowadays because guy, experience is not the best teacher of some lessons o."

"Boys and men who go out to carry and sleep with total strangers should beware. Everywhere is no good again o. This might be a prank but trust me, worse things are happening."

We are yet to know the authenticity of the footage. Meanwhile, our team is working hard to give further updates on the subject.

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