Israel's New Prime Minister Netanyahu Vows to Promote Peace and Safeguard Democracy on Return to Office

  • Israeli incoming prime minister, Netanyahu, says his return to office is to work for peace and protect democracy.
  • The returning prime minister also vowed to stop Iran's nuclear programs and defend Israel from Iran's continuous threats.
  • The former prime minister won Israel's legislative election again in November and he is expected to return to office soon.
  • Netanyahu's new government is seen by critics as the most far-right coalition in the history of Israel's politics.
Israel's New Prime Minister Netanyahu Vows to Promote Peace and Safeguard Democracy on Return to Office

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Vows to Stop Iran, Promote Peace and Safeguard Democracy

The Israeli's incoming Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, says his return to office is to bring peace and safeguard democracy in the region.

Responding to questions during a live interview with NBC News, Netanya said that his critics see his return as the beginning of doomsday, however, his intention is not to fight unnecessary wars.

"I've heard this doomsday saying (that my return is) the end of the democracy. Well, they have said before that, you know. For 30 years, they have categorized me as a warmonger, and that there will never be peace with Netanyahu," Netanyahu said.

The Israeli prime minister added that the loss of his brother, father, and relatives to war makes him understand the value of human life, which he ascribed as the reason his reigns had been the most peaceful in Israeli history. He also added that his return to office shows that every Israeli from left to right and the soldiers believed in him and the peace he can bring.

"I am a bereaved brother, I lost my brother, I saw my parents and human life is important for me, period. In the likes of our soldiers battling, everybody in Israel, left and right, agrees with me, probably, that is the reason I was reelected," Netanyahu boasted.

"I don't go into unnecessary military interventions. Secondly, I brought the four historic peace treaties in a way that defiled everybody else's prognostication. I am going to safeguard Israeli's democracy, I'm going to bring peace, Netanyahu said.

The future prime minister however vowed to stop Iran's nuclear programs and its campaigns against Israel.

"Categorically, I think I can get another breakthrough for peace, and I am going to stop Iran. That is what I am coming back for, and that is what I am committed to," he concluded.

The Return of Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Netanyahu, 73, became the ninth prime minister of Israel from 1996 to 1999 and again from 2009 to 2021 which made him the longest-serving prime minister of Israel. Meanwhile, Bibi, as he is fondly called, participated in November 2022, Israeli legislative election, and won a total of 64 seats of the parliament's 120 seats.

His own Likud party won 32 seats, while ultra-Orthodox parties secured 18 seats, and a far-right alliance won 14 seats, according to a report by the Israeli electoral commission. The former prime minister is therefore returning to office to rule again in what analysts believe to be the country's most right-wing government to date.

Netanyahu was on Sunday, November 13, officially tasked with forming a new government, paving the way for his comeback as the head of the political coalition, and the new prime minister who will take over from Yair Lapid. Benjamin Netanyahu has faced several corruption charges, which he had constantly denied.

Under Israeli law, Netanyahu has 28 days to form a new government after he has been tasked with the job on November, 13. The law only allows a 14-day extension for him to take over as the new prime minister of Israel.

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