BBC Renders Public Apology After Sexual Noises Were Heard During Its Live Broadcast of FA Cup

BBC Renders Public Apology After It Broadcasted Sexual Noises During Live Coverage of FA Cup

The British Broadcasting Cooperation has publicly apologized to its audience after sexual noises interrupted its live television coverage of the FA Cup.

In its public apology which was made available to newsmen on Wednesday morning, the broadcasting media expressed remorse over the incident and assured the public that it was carrying out investigations into the act.

"We apologize to any viewers offended during the live coverage of the football this evening," the BBC said.

The incident took place on Tuesday ahead of the third-round match replay between Wolves and Liverpool which ended in 0-1 scores in favor of Liverpool. During the match broadcast, noises from porn tape was heard at the background of the studio. 

The moaning continued for seconds before the program host, Gary Lineker fought to end it. Unfortunately, millions have already heard the sexual sound and were offended by the incident. A search was carried out to uncover the source of the noises. 

Lineker later shared a photo on his Twitter page showing a mobile phone he claimed was "taped to the back of the microphone" by an unknown person who aimed to play the sexual noise at the event.

The intent of the act is not clear but it is suspected that it was carried out for sabotage, according to Lineker who referred to the incident as a "good and amusing prank".

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