Teen TikToker Gives Emotional Response After Being Mocked for Calling Her $80 Bag 'Luxury' | Watch Video

Teen TikToker Gives Emotional Response After Being Mocked for Calling Her $80 Bag 'Luxury' | Watch Video

Teenage TikToker Stuns Critics With Inspiring Response to Mocking of Her Luxury Bag

A teenage Singapore-based TikToker with user name @zohtaco is going viral after an emotional response to being mocked for calling her Charles and Keith $80 bag “luxury”. Zoe Gabriel, 17, on January 8, posted a clip of herself holding the bag in question and expressing excitement to have bought a luxury bag at $80 worth. This according to her was her first time owning such a 'luxury bag'. Some of her TikTok fans did not take it kindly with her but responded with insults and mockery for her referring to a $80 bag as luxury.

Zoe did not give immediate response to her critics. However, after a few days, she went on to release an emotional video that has gone viral globally, in response to her mockers. In the video, Zoe expressed how sad she felt about how people responded to her luxury bag. In tears, she shared why the bag is a luxury bag to her being that she came from a poor background where she could not afford things as common as bread.

"Money is the topic that makes me more uncomfortable to talk about. That is because growing up, I did not have a lot. My family didn't have a lot.

We couldn't buy things as simple as bread. All those things were luxuries to us when we moved to Singapore. Every time we passed by the store, my parents would just say 'next time' but 'next time' will never come," Zoe said in tears.

She went on to say that her critics were mocking her because of their ignorance resulting from their wealth which she and her family do not have.

Your comments spoke volumes on how ignorance you seem because of your wealth.

"To you an $80 bag may not be a luxury, but for me and my family, it is a lot. I am so grateful that my Dad was able to get me one. He worked so hard for that money. I can't believe I got hate over a bag that I was so excited to have," she lamented.

The video quickly went viral with over 2.7 million views. Oher TikTok users, including celebrities, have praised Zoe for her good manners and wise response to those who mocked her. Zoe’s response to the criticism was a heartfelt one and caused many to shed tears, as she said that many had become ignorant of other people's suffering because of their wealth.

The response to Zoe’s new video was overwhelmingly positive, with many praising her for standing up for herself and wishing her family well. Zoe’s story has resonated with many and has been a source of inspiration for those passing through hard times and a lesson to the wealthy who think everyone should have same measure of living standard.

It is very true that most people who were born into comfort do not know what others go through in life.

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