Zenith Bank Finally Returns N3.23M To Customer After Social Media Outrage

Zenith Bank Finally Returns N3.23M To Customer

Zenith Bank Finally Returns N3.23m to a  Lady Who Lost N4.039 Million

A leading commercial bank in Nigeria "Zenith Bank" has returned the sum of N3.23 million to Chiamaka Agim. Chiamaka who reside in Lagos state had N4.039 million deducted from her savings account on January 9, 2023, without her knowledge.

The bank earlier told Chiamaka Agim that she would only be able to get N800,500 out of the N4,039,900 that was erroneously debited from her account. This decision led to outrage among Nigerian social media users. However, it was learned that the bank has returned a total sum of N3,239,400 to her account in contrast to its initial stance. Meanwhile, over N800 thousand remains missing.

Chiamaka who shared the news on her Twitter page (@a_ma_ka) said that she received a call from a Zenith Bank customer care service representative, informing her of her account refund. And that she did not receive any credit alert, and the bank had only refunded N3,239,400 of the total N4.039 million.

“I did not receive any alert because they had to put my account on hold after the incident happened. I was asked to come to the bank the following day.

When I got to the bank, my account statement was printed and I saw that they had credited my account with N3,239,400 around 7.30pm on Monday,” she said.

"I was credited 3,239,400 last week. Remaining the 800,500 dat they initially said I should get a court order for. I have filed for that and hopefully I get it soon, so dat the balance can be refunded from d access bank Acct," she added.

Chiamaka also expressed joy and appreciated all Nigerians who shared in her pain when the money was erroneously debited.

In recent years, accounts of Nigerian bank owners have been debited without their knowledge. Banks have typically attributed this to fraudsters or hackers (known as yahoo boys in Nigeria).

Many of these account owners have no idea how their financial security information was exposed, leaving them to question the bank's involvement in the scam. Fortunately, Chiamaka has been able to get her money back, but not all victims are so lucky. 

Tragically, many have lost their lifetime savings to these criminal acts; but for Chiamaka, here is the only sentence to describe her - she is the lucky one.

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