Google New AI, Dreamix, Creates Real Videos from Images and Text


Google has unveiled Dreamix, the newest magical addition to its artificial intelligence (AI) family, a great shock to fans of the trending ChatGPT. Dreamix is an AI that can turn static images and a sequence of photos into real videos with realistic movements.

The AI uses a combination of AI and advanced machine learning algorithms (video diffusion model) to generate videos from static images or photos. The video diffusion technology makes Dreamix able to generate AI videos that appear as if they were filmed in real-time.

In a publication on Github by Google research team,  the company said that Dreamix can create video from images or already existing video while maintaining the original appearance, size, camera pose, color, posture of the original image or video input.

The videos generated by this Google AI appear to viewers as real-life version of a video clip, hence, one may not be able to know that such videos were generated with the help of AI.

"Text-driven image and video diffusion models have recently achieved unprecedented generation realism. While diffusion models have been successfully applied for image editing, very few works have done so for video editing. We present the first diffusion-based method that is able to perform text-based motion and appearance editing of general videos," the company said through Github research abstract.

Dreamix AI also has the ability to create realistic facial expressions, body movements, and even synchronize the lips movement with the audio attached to the clip. This allows users to create videos that look real and natural, without the need for a video camera.

Besides video creation from images and photos, Dreamix can be used to create videos from text. This is one of the major breakthroughs in the modern AI trends. This function will help creators to easily generate videos for social media posts without the need for a video camera. It will also be useful for creators who are timid about making video presentations of their creative ideas.

Another advantage of Dreamix is its ability to create new videos from existing videos, and image-video fine-tuning to create a new video. This allows creators to construct videos from footages or clips from the already exist ones. This could be useful for creating promotional videos or reusing existing footage for a new video without any form of resemblance with the previous ones.

Dreamix image-video finetuning

Google's New AI, Dreamix, is indeed a great step forward and a reckoning to the world of artificial intelligence (A). With the ability to turn static images into real videos and create new videos from existing ones, Dreamix is a new magic that can revolutionize the way people create video content.

Moreover, Google Dreamix AI is simple and easy for use by anyone without much training or experience. Its application is wide especially in the entertainment industries. Through Dreamix, movie creators will be able to create complete series without the need to assemble physical crews. The AI will also make it easy for anyone to transform art work into real videos.

The unveiling of the Dreamix is part of the attempt by Google to beat the current AI revolution in the technological world. Google CEO recently declared a "code red" over the threat posed by OpenAI's ChatGPT, a declaration that charged its developers to place more efforts in upgrading its AI goals.

Aside from Dreamix, Google has recently unveiled other creative AIs created by the company such as MusicML which is capable of generating audio from texts.

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