WhatsApp Launches Payment Service to Enable Users Send and Receive Money Through Chats

WhatsApp Launches Payment Service to Enable Users Send and Receive Money Through Chats

WhatsApp has announced a new feature that will enable users to send and receive money directly through WhatsApp chats. Meta CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, made this known on Tuesday through a post on his Facebook official page.

The new WhatsApp payment feature, according to Mark, will begin in Brazil and will later be available to other countries and businesses.

"People in Brazil will be able to pay local businesses right in a WhatsApp chat. We'll be rolling this feature out to more businesses in the coming months," Zuckerberg said.

In its blog post, the company said that the WhatsApp payment is going to be a simple, secure and dependable financial transaction process. It will enable end-to-end encrypted transactions and secured shopping.

"Just like every feature in WhatsApp, payments are designed to be secure. Card numbers are encrypted and securely stored, and people are required to create a Payment PIN and use it for each payment. We also offer customer support to ensure help is available if needed," WhatsApp posted.

The WhatsApp payment service is very easy to access and set up. All a WhatsApp user needs to do to activate WhatsApp pay is to visit the setup page and follow the prompts. This can only work if the service is currently available in your country. The people in Brazil are already set to benefit from this.

This service had already been on trial in Brazil since 2020 after its first test in India two years earlier. The feature as at then only worked in some countries and a few devices. However, the new take by the company makes it clear that the feature will become a routine WhatsApp function just like data transfer in few months time across different countries and devices.

The choice of the launch in Brazil and India is because the two countries hold biggest WhatsApp shares followed by Italy and Argentina.

Meta has made several changes to its products and services in recent months. Such changes include the addition of more features and longer lengths on Facebook reels, and the introduction of the WhatsApp community, among others.

The continuous
 implementation of changes and update on Meta platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp is part of the company's effort to beat the current competitive trends in both the technological and social media world.

When this feature is readily available to all WhatsApp users, it will enable business owners to easily carry out online business transactions without the long process of automated website payment tools.

In addition to the already existing WhatsApp campaign functionality, business owners will soon be able to  directly advertise their product and service carts and as well sell them out and directly received money from online customers at ease.

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