Female CEO Set to Replace Elon Musk at Twitter | Knowledge Trend Media

Female CEO Set to Replace Elon Musk at Twitter | Knowledge Trend Media

Twitter CEO, Elon Musk, says that a new CEO is set to replace him as the chief executive officer of the microblogging platform in less than two months period. The new CEO who is a female, according to Musk, will also be in charge of the X-Corp, a conglomerate of several companies owned by the billionaire.

Musk made this announcement through a post on his verified Twitter handle on Thursday. The tweet reads: "Excited to announce that I’ve hired a new CEO for X/Twitter. She will be starting in ~6 weeks!".

Musk who is one of the world's richest billionaires and owns several companies also promised to narrow his roles on Twitter to being the executive chairman and the Chief Technology Officer of the company (CTO).

Other positions that Elon Musk will continue to hold at the company also include acting as the overseer of the company's products, software and system operations (sysops).

"My role will transition to being exec chair & CTO, overseeing product, software & sysops," Musk said through a tweet.

This update from Elon Musk is a great news for many Twitter users and a surprise to many who did not expect that he, Musk, would agree to step down from the Twitter's top position.

It is not yet clear who Musk will hand over the top position of the company, but information collected by our team at Knowledge Trend Media suggests that the new CEO could be an active staff in the company or someone close to Musk whose identity is not yet public. The fact, however, remains that the new CEO is a woman.

Since Elon Musk bought Twitter and became the company's CEO, there has been a media battle against him and the company including what critics refer to as 'Musk using the platform against those who are not in terms with him'.

Besides critics, Tesla, SpaceX, and Twitter investors have complained about Musk spending too much time on Twitter, which they believe is affecting his dedication on the other companies and implicating the businesses in the stock market.

When the new CEO finally takes over, she will either need to stick to Musk's plan to turn Twitter into an "everything app" or seek for new approaches to make the platform more attractive to users.

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