Watch TikTok for 10 Hours and Earn 100 Dollars Per Hour from this Company

Watch TikTok for 10 Hours and Receive $100 Per Hour from this Company

An influencer marketing agency, Ubiquitous, is offering a unique opportunity for TikTok users to earn money for watching video on the app for 10 hours. The company is hoping the endeavor will help it gauge emerging trends online.

To apply for the TikTok Watching job, candidates must be at least 18 years old, have a TikTok account, and be familiar with TikTok trends. They must also subscribe to Ubiquitous' YouTube channel and send a short blurb about why they are the best fit for the job.

The company says that deadline to apply for the job is May 31. Qualified candidates will be notified seven days after the application closes.

The chosen candidates will be paid $100 per hour to watch TikTok for 10 hours. They will also be asked to fill out a simple document to note the recurring trends they spot on the platform.

After the watching session, participants will be asked to post their top experience on any social media platform they choose and tag Ubiquitous with it as a digital marketing approach.

A report by the CNN shows suggests that Ubiquitous is hoping that the TikTok Watching job will help it gain insights into emerging trends on the platform. The company also believes that by understanding what trends are popular on TikTok, it will better position itself to help brands reach their target audiences and succeed in their social campaigns through influencer marketing.

The TikTok Watching job is a unique opportunity for TikTok users to earn money for doing something they already enjoy. If you are a TikTok user who is interested in applying for the job, be sure to do so before May 31. Apply here.

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